Hatched around 1988, Atticus came to the Raptor Center from an educational facility in Washington that was closing down. Originally part of a release program in Minnesota that aimed to increase Bald Eagle numbers in the wild, he sustained a wing injury and ended up back in human care when he was only a year old. Despite several release attempts, he was unable to thrive on his own and instead joined the education program at Georgia Southern University. Compared to most Bald Eagles, Atticus is quite small, and it's suspected that his genetics might actually originate in Florida where the warmer weather is associated with a smaller size in this species. Atticus is part of outreach team.​

Adoptive "Parents" of Atticus:
Donald & Judith Teal  •  Royce and Tianna Sigloh
Oscar Zane Evans  •  Joann Ferrell & Gerry Hatleberg
Mountain Rose Herbs  •  The Balog Family
An Admiring Friend