Family Nature Discovery Days


These family-friendly events are focused on fun kids' activities, with a different theme each month. Come join us, June through September, on the first Saturday of the month. Each day is brought to you, courtesy of KVAL and another important sponsor, listed below. Prices are regular general admission plus a $2 activity fee for participating youth. The Center is open 10am to 6pm, with activities from 11-3pm. 

DATES and THEMES -- Descriptions below
Saturday, June 2nd. "Birds in Springtime"   (Sponsored by: Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop and KVAL) 
Saturday, July 7th. "All About Owls!"   (Sponsored by Mountain Rose Herbs and KVAL)                     
Saturday, August 4th. "Wildlife Play Hospital"    (Sponsored by Eugene Urgent Care and KVAL)    
Saturday, September 1st. "International Vulture Awareness Day"    (Sponsored by Diess Feed & Seed and KVAL)                        



Birds in Springtime (Saturday, June 2nd): Come learn about birds in springtime – where birds nest, who builds nests and who doesn’t. Kids and their families can build their own bird nest and decorate eggs to place in the nest! Learn that it is not as easy as it looks to build a nest and many birds don’t build nests at all. While visiting the Raptor Center, view over 40 permanent resident birds. Sponsored by KVAL and Wild Birds Unlimited in Eugene, OR.

All About Owls (Saturday, July 7th)!  Kids and their families can become scientists while dissecting owl pellets, learning about what and how owls eat. Afterward, kids will get in touch with their inner owl, creating pine cone owls to take home. While here, families can visit with over 40 permanent resident raptors. Sponsored by KVAL and Mountain Rose Herbs.

Wildlife Play Hospital (Saturday, August 4th): Kids and their families can become wildlife rehabilitators for the day! Participants will receive a report of an injured stuffed animal to be rescued on the Raptor Center’s wooded, hillside property. After rescuing their animal, kids can bring it to the wildlife hospital play area for treatment. While the rescued animal heals, families can visit with the dozens of permanent resident raptors at the Center. When the stuffed patients are recovered, participants can release them back to the wild. Sponsored by KVAL and Eugene Urgent Care.

International Vulture Awareness Day (Saturday, September 1st): In celebration of this international event, come enjoy vulture-themed activities for kids of all ages. Be sure to visit with Lethe and Kali, resident Turkey Vultures, currently the only species of vulture in the Pacific NW. (Do you know what species of vulture USED to be here and MIGHT get reintroduced? California Condors!) Sponsored by KVAL and Diess Feed & Seed.