In early June 2016, the Cascades Raptor Center was asked by US Fish & Wildlife to care for an orphaned Bald Eagle nestling found in Washington. At only 4 weeks old when she arrived, BAEA 96 was one big healthy baby. 

This is her baby picture at 4 weeks old. She was around 18 inches tall, close to10 pounds, and at the time of the baby picture, she was not yet standing - 'not off her hocks,' in the vernacular.  She has grown dramatically since then and was 36" tall and over 12 pounds, with a wing span of seven feet!

During the exam prior to her release, staff all inhaled sharply when we got to see - up close, again - just how stunningly beautiful this bird is. She is feather perfect and a brick house, we feel confident that she is going to rock the wild world. Small(ish) animals of Western Oregon - BEWARE!

She was released on Sunday, January 15, 2017 in Astoria, Oregon.

Click here to see release photos and video.

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