Adopt - a- Raptor

Adopting a resident bird helps provide funds to care for and feed that bird, as well as supports our avian ambassadors in educating the public about raptor ecology, anatomy, and the impacts humans have on their population.

All adoptive families receive:

Cascades Raptor Center Adopt a Raptor Package photo

    •    Free admission for one year
    •    Membership card and Guest passes 
    •    Member decal
    •    10% discount in gift shop
    •    The Wildlife Lifeline Magazine
    •    Adoption certificate with photo of your bird
    •    Personal and natural history of your bird
    •    One-on-one with an outreach* bird and handler
    •    Website listing on bird page
    •    Aviary sign acknowledging adoption
    •    Subscription to the Raptor Center newsletters

*Outreach birds have their names underlined and in bold in the list below

***Please note that your organization, class, or business is welcome to adopt a resident - with some modifications to the program below.  Please ask to speak with staff for details.***

To adopt or learn more about an invidual bird, click on their name below.  If you already know which bird you want to adopt, use the online adoption form at bottom of this page.


Proud Level ~ $300

Aeolus, Bald Eagle
Amazon, Golden Eagle
Archimedes, Snowy Owl
Atticus, Bald Eagle
Danté, Golden Eagle
Celilo, Bald Eagle
Dmitri, Eurasian Eagle Owl
McKenzie, Bald Eagle
Nani and Soren, Foster Parents, Barn Owls

(Nani and Soren will be foster parents to the dozens of baby Barn Owls we receive each year.)

Noble Level ~ $150 

Anu, White-tailed Kite
Banjo, Red-tailed Hawk
Bodhi, Barred Owl
Dakini, White-tailed Kite
Danu, Osprey
Deva, Northern Harrier
Edison, Red-tailed Hawk
Eowyn, Ferruginous Hawk
Freyja, Peregrine Falcon
Guapo, Swainson's Hawk
Kali, Turkey Vulture
Kenai, Rough-legged Hawk
Leia , Peregrine Falcon
Lethe, Turkey Vulture
Lorax, Great Horned Owl
Newton, Northern Goshawk
Nike , Gyrfalcon
Padawan, Barn Owl

Pip, Peregrine Falcon
Taka, Swainson’s Hawk
Tyee , Rough-legged Hawk

Uriel, Red-tailed Hawk
Valentino, Great Horned Owl

Apex Level ~ $90

Aurora , Long-eared Owl
Ciaran , Merlin 
Hoku, Merlin
Opa, Western Screech Owl
Puck, American Kestrel
Ra, Burrowing Owl
Ravi, Western Screech Owl
Tristan , Northern Saw-whet Owl